AnoThe Temple side of the Anomaly
Led from A.R.C,Present
Led to Temple,Present
Who/what went through Matt Anderson
Jack Maitland
Darren Lake
Captain Becker
Evan Cross
Danny Quinn
One Megopteran
Three Future Predators
Dylan Weir
Appearances Episode 8.10

The A.R.C - Temple Anomaly is an Anomaly that links the A.R.C to a Present day Temple.


The Anomaly opened up in James Lester's office in the A.R.C which caused the decision by the team to go through to see what they could find.Some Future creatures came through offscreen.

In the present the rest of the team remain at the A.R.C where it is predicted that the Temple is located somewhere in the Present.

Later Danny Quinn is injured and the path of to the Anomaly collapses the team to redirect their route and they eventually manage to get back through before the site is destroyed by missiles.

Some Future Predators also come through but are killed as soon as they arrive.