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Led from A.R.C Menagerie,Present
Led to Future Forest,Future
Who/what went through Many Camouflage Beasts
Darren Lake
Connor Temple
Kieran Coles
Ryan Backer
Danny Quinn
Appearances Episode 6.9 (Cameo)
Episode 6.10

The A.R.C Menagerie - Future Forest Anomaly is an Anomaly that links the Future Forest to the A.R.C.It is the first Anomaly seen in the Reboot that is seen in the A.R.C.


Episode 6.9Edit

After Connor Temple and Abby Maitland left the Menagerie the Anomaly opened and allowed a Camouflage Beast (Though only seen in the shadows therefor it was not known what it was) through which attacked the Menagerie's Tapejara and left it for dead.

Episode 6.10Edit

After the members of the A.R.C became aware of what had happened they quickly started trying to get the Menagerie's creatures out but more Camouflage Beasts kept coming through.

Later as Michael Miller and Darren Lake try to get the Menagerie's Silurian Scorpion out Daren accidentally falls through causing Connor Temple to go after him and was also helped by Danny Quinn,Kieran Coles and Ryan Backer help Connor and they all manage to save him and they all go back through.

Later all the incident was under control and everything was put back to normal.


  • Though this Anomaly was not mentioned again nor was it seen again it apparently closed as it was not seen in the Menagerie ever again.