Scientific name Andrewsarchus mongoliensis
Home time period Late Eocene
Creature type Prehistoric carnivore sheep
Deaths caused Petrol Station Owner
Appearances Episode 7.4

Andrewsarchus is a species of prehistoric carnivorous sheep from the Eocene.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 7.4Edit


The Andrewsharcus In the Eocene

An anomaly opened up to the Eocene and Two Andrewsharcus come through to a block of flats and one attacks the anomaly research team when they head to the incursion but Michael Miller fires an EMD shoot and the creature flees.

Later when the team go looking for the Andrewsharcus a petrol garage owner sees it and runs off but the creature accidentally pushes over a gas bottle and is causes the garage to explode and kill the garage owner but the Andrewsharcus leaves unharmed.

Later it runs towards the anomaly area and corners Darren Lake but The Minister manages to knock it out and it is put back through the Anomaly.

Once the team prepare to go another Andrewsharcus attacks them and it runs of and the team go after it but the anomaly reopens and the Andrewsharcus goes back through.


  • The CGI model of the Andrewsharcus is the exact same model to what it was in Walking with Beasts.