Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Cretaceous period
Creature type Sauropod
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Episode 6.5

 Argentinosaurus is a specsis of sauropod

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.5Edit

The Argentinosaurus first appear when they are attacked by a pair of Gigonotsaurus. They manage to kill a small Argentinosaurus and they eat it.

Later when some Argentinosaurus go to get a drink the pair of Gigonotsaurus arrive but flee when the team arrive to stop them killing the Argentinosaurus.

Later when the anomaly is unlocked the Argentinosaurus go back through but one lags behind in the present and the bigger Gigonotosaurus kills it and drags it's body back thorugh the anomaly and eats it with the other Gigonotosaurus.

And the team send the body of the other dead Argentinosaurus back thorugh the anomaly.

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