Led from Canadian Village,Present
Led to Prehistoric China,Unkown
Who/what went through Many Gigantopithecus
Matt Anderson (Partly)
Appearances Episode 7.7

The Canadian Snowy Village - Prehistoric China Anomaly is a Anomaly that links a Canadian Snowy Village to Prehistoric China.It is one of the biggest Anomalies ever.


The Anomaly opened up allowing a number of Gigantopithecus through which caused some to mutate into Yetis due to a radioactive power plant.

Another Anomaly to Present day England opened allowing the Yetis through.

Later Matt Anderson and Connor Temple also came through the England Anomaly to get the Gigantopithecuss back through the Anomaly and they were successful in getting them back through and Matt looked through the Anomaly to see the Creatures eating and playing in China the Anomaly closed not long after.

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