DesanoThe Desert side of the Anomaly
Led from Firm base,Present
Led to Desert,Present
Who/what went through Matt Anderson
Connor Temple
Abby Temple
Jess Parker
Captain Becker
Emily Merchant
James Lester
Danny Quinn
Jack Maitland
Michael Miller
Jenny Miller
Kieran Coles
Ryan Backer
Eve Lake
Darren Lake
Sarah Page
Caroline Steel
Claudia Brown
Evan Cross
Dylan Weir
Dan Redwoods
Darren Fisher
Steve Waters
Luke Wood
Lisa Donald
Sasha Peter
Taylor Craig
Lucien Hope
Ellie Pitts
Jake Green
Tiffany Perice
Ben Trent
Appearances Episode 8.13

The Desert Anomaly is an Anomaly that is in the Present.


The Anomaly opened which allowed the A.R.C team went through to find several of it's members and several children that was kidnapped by a rival organisation the Firm.Once through the team find the firm and they all quickly escape as Future Predators kill the Firm's members.All of the A.R.C team except Matt Anderson go through along with the children.The Anomaly closes after a 2nd & 3rd Matt Anderson destroy the Anomaly with a tank.


  • This Anomaly had had more people go through it then any other Anomaly ever.