Scientific name Doedicurus Clavicaudatus
Home time period Pleistocene
Creature type Prehistoric Glyptodont
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Episode 8.1

Doedicurus is a species of prehistoric Glyptodont from the Pleistocene.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 8.1Edit

In the Pleistocene some Doedicurus were wandering around and they rushed through an anomaly which opened up near by due to their sudden appearance everyone runs away and the creature almost kills a member of the A.R.C team when they arrive and the EMD shoot ricochets of the creatures shell.

Later as the Creature runs wild Kieran Coles saves a young boy from being killed.

The Doedicurus later damages the power supply causing it's anomaly to close later the Doedicurus knocks the boy after he goes to his shally.

The Doedicurus also nearly tramples kills a man after going over his tent and it goes back to the cafeteria and causes havoc but it goes back to through the anomaly after it reopens.


  • The Doedicurus is the second creature to be unaffected by EMD shot the second is the Large Burrowing Creatures in both cases the creatures both have shells to protect them.