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Scientific name Dracorex Hogwartsia
Home time period Late Cretaceous era
Creature type Ornthischian Dinosaur
Deaths caused None Known
Appearances see full list belowe

Dracorex is a prehestoric creature that lived during the creteacous era one was accidently distaken for a dragon and there is a possibility that inspired the mythical creature.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.2Edit

The Dracorex that the A.R.C has in their menagerie was seen by James Lester to be in distress and when he and Jack Maitland went to see what was wrong they found out it was caught up in some pipes but it eventully got released.

Episode 6.6 /6.7Edit

The Dracorex brifely apaered in it enclouser in the Menagerie

Episode 6.10Edit

After a Pack of Camoflarge beasts attacked the A.R.C's menagerie it caused the power to fail and the Dracorex managed to escape but it was eventully found by Matt Anderson and Captain Becker and it was knocked out and sent to Abby Maitland who then checked it for injuries and then restrained it until the Camo beats were dealt with and it enclosuer repaired.

Episode 7.2Edit

Elizabeth Carter took pictures of the Dracorex along with Rex,Sid and Nancy

Episode 7.6Edit

The Dracorex was seen in the Menagerie when Abby Maitland kissed Her fiancée Connor Temple in excitement.

Episode 8.1-8.3Edit

The Dracorex was seen in the Menagerie on several occasions eating and was scared by the Anomaly detector device alarm.

Episode 8.7Edit

CCTV footage of the Dracorex was seen.

Episode 8.9Edit

The Dracorex was taken by The Firm along with all the other Menagerie creatures as part of their revenge for the A.R.C.

Episode 8.10Edit

The Dracorex was seen in The Firm's Menagerie.

Episode 8.11Edit

The A.R.C rescued the Dracorex from the The Firm but is is believed that it was not injected with the poison due to it's size.

Episode 8.12 (Part 1)Edit

The Dracorex was see in the Menagerie eating.

Episode 8.13 (Part 2)Edit

The Dracorex was seen in the Menagerie getting ready to sleep.