Led from Factory,Present
Led to Cretaceous Madagascar,Cretaceous
Who/what went through One Majungasaurus
Evan Cross
Dylan Weir
Appearances Episode 8.3

The Factory - Cretaceous Anomaly is an Anomaly.It is the first Primeval Anomaly Evan Cross and Dylan Weir go through.


The Anomaly opened allowing the Majungasaurus through.

The A.R.C team later arrived and placed several of it's members guarding the Anomaly.

Just before the Anomaly closed Evan Cross realises that it was about to close and put himself and Dylan Weir in front of the Anomaly and called out to the Majungasaurus and it heard them and chased after them causing the two to go through the Anomaly and the creature went through Evan and Dylan then went back through the Anomaly to the Present the Anomaly closed seconds after.