ImagegjfjfjThe Present day side of the Anomaly
Led from Factory Container port,Present
Led to Unkown location,Future
Who/what went through Many Megopterans
Many Mer Creatures
One MerQueen
Two Future Eagles
Appearances Episode 7.1

The Factory Container port - Future Anomaly is a Anomaly that links a container port to a Unknown Future location.


An Anomaly opens up linking a Factory container port to the Future an allowing many Future creatures through in which they cause trouble but the Anomaly is locked when the A.R.C team arrive.

Later when the team arrive a Future Eagle comes through attacking Abby Maitland but leaves when other members of the team arrive to help.

Later when most of the team are dealing with the creatures Darren Lake and Jack Maitland realise that the Anomaly will close soon and then after discovering that a member of their team was attacked by a Megopteran and fled when it heard loud sirens they contact the nearby radio station and the station projects loud sound which causes the Megopteran to go back through the Anomaly the sound it projected underground in the water causing the Mer Creatures and their Queen to go back through the Anomaly which closes not long after.