Led from Flat Estate,Present
Led to Seashore,Eocene
Who/what went through Two Andrewsarchus
Appearances Episode 7.4

The Flat Estate - Seashore Anomaly is an Anomaly linking a Estate in the Preset to Shoreline in the Eocene.


The Anomaly opens up and the Two Andrewsarchus comes through (One offscreen) and causes trouble.

The Anomaly is locked by Darren Lake not long after the A.R.C team arrive.

Later the Andrewsarchus goes back through the Anomaly after it is forced back by other members of the team the Anomaly closes not long after.As the team leave the other Andrewsarchus attacks them the Anomaly reopens soon after and the Andrewsharcus goes back through the Anomaly closes seconds later.