AnThe Present day side of the Anomaly
Led from Prehistoric China,Cretaceous
Led to Unknown Forest,Present
Who/what went through Two Yutyrannus
Two Bike riders
One Incinvosaurus
Abby Maitland
Matt Anderson
Connor Temple
Emily Merchant
Danny Quinn
Sarah Page
Eve Lake
Appearances Episode 7.5

The Forest - Prehistoric China Anomaly is an Anomaly that links a Prehistoric China Forest to a Unknown Forest in the Present.


An Anomaly opens and a Two passers by see the Anomaly then a Yutyrannus comes through killing them and dragging them back through.

Later when the A.R.C team arrive a Incinvosaurus rushes past Abby Maitland causing her to fall through the Anomaly and then causing some of the team to go through looking for her while Jack Maitland and Darren Lake guard the Anomaly.

Jack and Darren are later kidnaped by mysterious soldiers.

The team later return and notice Jack and Darren missing and another Yutyrannrus comes through causing trouble but is killed not long after.