Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Future
Creature type Arthropod
Deaths caused Lemur
Appearances Episode 8.4

Future Beetles are a species of Futuristic beetle from the Future.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 8.4Edit

An anomaly which opened and linked a Zoo to the future caused a pack of Future Beetles to come through and was quick to kill a Leamer. The group was later seen being able to swim and attacked and killed a fish then the beetle Queen killed it.

The Future Beetles atack the Fish.

Later on the the A.R.C team use Pesticide to get the group back through by making the Queen go back through but the anomaly closed and the remaining beetles cornered Emily Merchant but Abby Maitland saved her by spraying pesticide over her legs and the beetles fled but were all killed by Captain Becker.


  • The Beetles CGI model was slight different to what it was in Episode 5.4 leading to some speculation that they were different species of beetle because they can swim but this is not known for sure.

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