Scientific name Diatryma
Home time period Paleocene to Eocene epochs
Creature type Flightless bird
Deaths caused 2 Leptictidium babies
Appearances Episode 6.1

Gastorinis was a extinct specsis of flightless birds. Dispite thir appearnce they are not related to Terror birds.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.1Edit

The Gastornis were chaseing a family of Leptictidium when one lagged behind and one pup lags behind and the Male Gastornis attacks and kills it and eats it and the female chases the family thought the anomaly into a supermarket.

Later when when Abby Maitland and Emily Merchant investigate when they hear someone shout for help they find Abby's brother Jack and then Danny Quinn and a Gastornis but Emily shoots it with her EMD and it runs of. Latervthe team see the Gastornis running after the Leptictidium.

Later Emily notacies a young Leptictidium wonder off and one of the Gastornis follow it and kill it. But then both of the other Gastornis arrives and they fight over the meal. Later after the team have dealt with the renaining Leptictidium They relises that both Gastornis have stopped fightling and one is in the store and the other one the roof. Abby, Captain Becker and Danny go to the clothing area of the store and and it is starteled when Abby accidently knocks a hanger b ut becker fires EMD shoots at it and it's knocked out.

On the roof Emily, Matt Anderson and Connor go up to the roof to stop the other Gastornis but it falls of the roof to it's death and then the team put the pair back thought the anomaly.


  • At one point it was suggested to use the CGI modle of the Terror bird {from epiosde 4.7} as it looked like a Gastornis but the team were unable to edit the modle to use it. So they then used the Gastornis modle from walking with beasts instead.