Scientific name Gigantopithecus Blacki (Gigantopithecus)
Unknown, Maybe Yeti Blacki (Yeti)
Home time period Pleistocene (Gigantopithecus)
Present day (Yeti)
Creature type Prehistoric Ape (Gigantopithecus)
Mutated Gigantopithecus (Yeti)
Deaths caused Two Unnamed Men
Two unnamed Woman
Anna Legg
Appearances Episode 7.7
Ape World (Gigantopithecus only)
The Yeti (Yeti only)

Gigantopithecus/Yeti is a species of prehistoric Ape some of them mutated to Yeti's in Present day Canada.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 7.7Edit

An anomaly opened up in present day Canada and a pack of Gigantopithecus came through and due to the radiation from a nearby power plant some mutated into Yeties and became deadly killers.

Another anomaly later opened to present day England and a Yeti came through and killed a man. Later when the A.R.C team arrive the Yeti attacks but it is fended of. Later when some of the team find the anomaly a Gigantopithecus come through but leaves in second of coming through.

Later when Eve Lake goes through the anomaly to get her badge and sees a snowy village in present day Canada and once the team come through they see a Yeti grab a man a kill him.

The Yeti kill the man

Later one in the Village in England they see a Yeti kill a woman and are unable to save her.

Later when Connor Temple and Matt Anderson go to Canada they go to find this power plant and shut it off but a Yeti attacks them and they fire their EMD guns and it stumbles back through and hits it's head on a rock and dies.

In England the rest of the team see a Yeti and it kills a woman and they then see her children and it nearly kills them but they kill it in mid - air leap.

In Canada the Matt and Connor manage to get the Gigantopithecus group back through the anomaly and Matt pears through the anomaly and sees the group eat Bamboo and the young ones play then the anomaly closes.

A Gigantopithecus

Then a Yeti takes Connor to it's cave but Matt saves him But the Yeti nearly kills them and Abby and Emily arrive and kill it and they go back through the anomaly.

In England the boy runs away and stun led into the path of another Yeti but Anna Legg pushes him out of the way and the Yeti rams it arm into her throat and she flies into the air and goes backwards and the Yeti is killed. Anna later dies from her injures.

In Primeval: New WorldEdit

Ape WorldEdit


The YetiEdit



  • It is unknown what exactly is effected first when the Gigantopithecus turns into the Yeti as it's size and shape is different to what the Gigantopithecus's is.