1x6gorgonopsid (1)
Scientific name Unknown; possibly Inostrancevia
Home time period Late permian period
Creature type Therapsid
Deaths caused One Scutosaurus
One Mother and boy
Appearances Episode 6.9

Gorgonopsid is a specsis of Prehstoric carnivore from the Permian

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.9Edit

An anomaly opened to the permian and the grogonopsid followed a heard of Scutosaurus and attacked and killed one of them. Later when the Anomaly research centre team arrived the Gorgonopsid spotted them and attacked the team but they managed to fend it of with their EMDs.

Later when the Grogonopsid tried to attack the Scutosaurus heard againe a family arrived in their car and the gorgonopsid killed the Mother and Son in the vehical leaving the Farther and Daughter alive.

later a Scutosaurus leaves the herd and the Grognopsid follows it but the team get their and the Grognopsid tries to kill them but they fend it off and the Gorgonopsid and Scutosaurus go through the anomly.