CustvanThe Green House side of the Anomaly
Led from Cretaceous woods,Cretaceous
Led to Green House,Present
Who/what went through Two Gorgosaurus
One A.R.C Solider
Abby Maitland
Captain Becker
Danny Quinn
Appearances Episode 6.8

The Green House - Woods Anomaly is a Anomaly that links a Green House in the Present to some Woods in the Cretaceous.


The Anomaly first appears when a Gorgosaurus comes through but quickly goes back through.

Later when the Anomaly was being locked another Gorgosaurus comes through and runs to a nearby school and later comes back and also takes an A.R.C soldier with it causing Abby Maitland,Captain Becker and Danny Quinn go through and find the soldier dead and the Gorgosaurus attacks them but it is dealt with the Anomaly also closes a little while later.

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