Led from Costal Harbour,Present
Led to Unkown,Presumably Paleocene epoch
Who/what went through One Titanoboa
Appearances Episode 6.7

The Harbour Anomaly is an Anomaly that links a unknown time period (Presumably the Paleocene) and the Present it allowed a Titanoboa to come through.


An anomaly opened up at Costal Harbour and it allowed a Titanoboa to come through.

Later the Anomaly was about to be locked by Abby Maitland when the Titanoboa attacked a boat and caused her not to lock it then some boats came into the Harbour which scared the creature and caused it to go back through the which was locked seconds later.


  • According to the producers the Anomaly was to be in the cave but it was moved as the cave had confided space and the Titanoboa would not be able to move.