Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Late Pleistocene - Late Holocene
Creature type Bird of Prey
Deaths caused Toddler
One Giant Moa
Appearances Episode 7.3
Episode 8.13 (Part 2) (Cameo)

The Hasst Eagle is a species of Prehistoric eagle it is bigger then modern day vultures and lived in New Zealand.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 7.3Edit

An anomaly opened up at a park and a Hasst Eagle comes through and nearly kills boy when he tries to get his ball. Later the Eagle attacks a pair of Giant Moas but Sarah Page fires and EMD shoot and the Moa's escape before the Eagle can kill them. Later the Eagle attacks a toddler and kills him and injures the mother.

Later the Eagle kills a boy at the skateboarding area of the park. Later once the team have rejoined they see the Hasst Eagle kill one of the Moa but a EMD shoot is fired at it in mid air and it's killed by hitting the groud.

Episode 8.13 (Part 2)Edit

After an anomaly opened up at a House a Hasst Eagle came through and nearly killed the team and ran after a Giant Moa. It is unknown what happened after this but it was mentioned the incursion was dealt with.