Scientific name Leptictidium audriense
Home time period Early Eocene Period
Creature type Shrew- Like mammel
Deaths caused None Known
Appearances Episode 6.1

The Leptictidium  is a shrew like mammel that lived in the Eocene

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.1Edit

The Leptictidium family were attcked by a pair of breeding Gastornis and one of the pups fall behind and was attacked and killed by one of the pair they then run to an anomaly and are chased thorught to a supermarket their presents causes everyone to runs out in shock.

Later the family run pass the A.R.C team  when being chased the the Gastornis.

Later a young Leptictidium wanders away from it's family near to the self service tills and the Female Gastornis attacks and kills it. The family then run past the pair when they fight over the dead pup.

Later the team set up a trap and the three remaining Leptictidium are put back through the anomaly.


  • The CGI model of the Leptictidium is similar to how they appeared in Tim Hanies other production Walking with Beasts.