Scientific name Liopleurodon ferox
Home time period Middle Jurassic Period
Creature type Pliosauroidea
Deaths caused One Leedsicthys
Two Ophthalmosaurus
Appearances Episode 8.5

Lioplurodon is a species of Pliosauroidea from the Middle Jurassic period.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 8.5Edit

An anomaly opened up which opened to the Atlantic Ocean and killed a Leedsicthys.

The Lioplurodon eats the Leedsicthys.

Later the Liopleurodon kills a Ophthalmosaurus when it sees the creature. And later attacks an escape pod from the Ocean Submarine Services Submarine.

After the anomaly closes the creature kills another Ophthalmosaurus then is electrocuted to death after it goes back to the escape pod.