"I'm going to die" (NW Episode 4.4)"Myths" (NW Episode 5.3)"Rushed" (NW Episode 3.11)
"Until we meet again" (NW Episode 3.3)A.R.C - Temple AnomalyA.R.C Menagerie - Future Forest Anomaly
A Dinosaur came to tea (NW Episode 4.7)AndrewsarchusAnkylosaurus
Ape World (NW Episode 3.12)ArgentinosaurusAtlantic Ocean Anomaly
Bad Memories (NW Episode 2.10)Bye bye Kanan (NW Episode 5.5)Camouflage Beast
Canadian Snowy Village - Prehistoric China AnomalyChased (NW Episode 2.11)Clawed (NW Episode 5.6)
CoelurosauravusColumbian MammothConversions Anomaly
DakosaurusDesert AnomalyDiictodon
Dino Trap (NW Episode 2.2)DoedicurusDog
DracorexElasmosaurusEnglish Village - Canadian Snowy Village Anomaly
Episode 6.1Episode 6.10Episode 6.2
Episode 6.3Episode 6.4Episode 6.5
Episode 6.6Episode 6.7Episode 6.8
Episode 6.9Episode 7.1Episode 7.2
Episode 7.3Episode 7.4Episode 7.5
Episode 7.6Episode 7.7Episode 8.1
Episode 8.10Episode 8.11Episode 8.12
Episode 8.13Episode 8.2Episode 8.3
Episode 8.4Episode 8.5Episode 8.6
Episode 8.7Episode 8.8Episode 8.9
Escape Chase (NW Episode 4.9)Factory - Cretaceous AnomalyFactory Container port - Future Anomaly
FishFlat Estate - Eocene Seashore AnomalyFog Worms
Forest - Prehistoric China AnomalyFunfair warehouse - Prehistoric Argentina hills AnomalyFuture Beetle Queen
Future BeetlesFuture EagleFuture Predator
GastornisGiant MoaGiganotasaurus
Gigantopithecus/YetiGolf site - Cretaceous Forest AnomalyGoodbye Ange (Part 1) (NW Episode 3.7)
Goodbye Ange (Part 2) (NW Episode 3.8)GorgonopsidGorgosaurus
Green House - Woods AnomalyHarbour AnomalyHasst Eagle
Large Burrowing CreatureLeedsicthysLemur
LeptictidiumLiopleurodonLock Ness Anomaly
London - Future AnomalyLondon Airport - Cretaceous AnomalyLondon Ally - Spaghetti Junction Anomaly
MegopteranMei LongMerQueen
Mer CreaturesMonsters from Hell (NW Episode 4.13)Nation Art Gallery - Spaghetti Junction Anomaly
NessieOld peoples Home - Cretaceous AnomalyOphthalmosaurus
OrthicodeOviraptorPark - Future wasteland Anomaly
Park AnomalyPermian - Car Park AnomalyPleistocene Grassland - Holiday Site Cafe Anomaly
Poison (NW Episode 5.4)Power station AnomalyPrimeval:New World:Series 2 (Reboot)
Primeval:New World:Series 3 (Reboot)Primeval:New World:Series 4 (Reboot)Primeval:New World:Series 5 (Reboot)
Primeval:New World (Reboot)Primeval: Series 6 (Reboot)Primeval: Series 7 (Reboot)
Primeval: Series 8 (Reboot)Primeval: The reboot WikiPrimeval (reboot)
RexScutosaurusSea Scorpions
Seaside bay - Ordovician sea AnomalyShard AnomalyShark - Aquarium (NW Episode 4.8)
Sid and NancySilurian ScorpionSpaghetti Junction
Spiky Death (NW Episode 4.5)Stone Henge AnomalyTangled in Lies (Part 1) (NW Episode 4.11)
Tangled in Lies (Part 2) (NW Episode 4.12)Teaching (NW Episode 2.7)Teeth and Claws (NW Episode 4.3)
Terror BirdTesco shopping centre - Eocene forest AnomalyTested (NW Episode 3.6)
The Cat Shop (NW Episode 3.10)The CharactersThe Chase (NW Episode 4.2)
The Chase of Surprise (NW Episode 5.1)The Dinosaur ride (NW Episode 3.9)The Discovery of Death (NW Episode 2.9)
The Dragon (NW Episode 3.2)The Fight of Death (NW Episode 2.5)The Future's Back (NW Episode 3.13)
The Great Intelligence (NW Episode 5.2)The Guilt (NW Episode 3.1)The New Team (NW Episode 3.4)
The Painful Truth (NW Episode 2.12)The Pub Fight (NW Episode 2.8)The Rampage (NW Episode 4.1)
The RebootThe Return (NW Episode 2.1)The Roof of Vancouver (NW Episode 2.4)
The Trial (NW Episode 2.6)The Truth Revealed (NW Episode 2.13)The Water Monster (NW Episode 2.3)
The Yeti (NW Episode 4.10)The all mighty force (NW Episode 4.6)Therocephalian
Time Explosion (NW Episode 3.5)TitanoboaTree Creeper
TriceratopsTupandactylusTyrannosaurus rex
Underwater cave AnomalyWarehouse AnomalyWoods - Spaghetti Junction Anomaly
YutyrannusZoo - Future Anomaly

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