Led from Lock Ness,Present
Led to Presumably Cretaceous
Who/what went through One Elasmosaurus (Nessie)
Mabye More Creatures
Appearances Episode 7.6

The Lock Ness Anomaly is an Anomaly that links a reoccurring anomaly that opened up in Lock Ness.


The Anomaly first opened up in the 1930s and allowing a Elasmosaurus called Nessie through and possibly allowing many more creatures through the Anomaly closed not long after. Over time a man (who was never named) found the creature and looked after it making it look like there was a Lock Ness monster.

In 2013 the A.R.C team became aware of the Incursion and the Anomaly reopened allowing Nessie back through and the Anomaly closes.