Scientific name Megistotherium Osteothalastes
Home time period Early Miocene Period
Creature type Hyenadontid
Deaths caused A.R.C Soldier
Appearances Episode 8.9

Megisotherium is a species of Hyenadontid from the Miocene Period.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 8.9Edit

A Megistotherium came through an anomaly into a factory and attacked Evan Cross when he arrived but the creature is apprehended when more of the team arrive and the creature's anomaly closes and the team are forced to take the Megistotherium back to a Mansion where colleges Abby Maitland and Connor Temple are getting married.

In was the. Restrained when taken to the Mansion but woke up and was accidentally released by a friend of Connor Temple and the creature killed him. The team where then forced to look for it after the noticed it to not be in the room where they had left it.

The creature was killed when it was knocked unconscious and broke it's leg when it fell into the Mansion's swimming pool.