Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Future
Creature type Marine Primate
Deaths caused Fisherman
Appearances Episode 7.1

The MerQueen is a species of futuristic marine mammal that is in charge of Mer Creatures

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 7.1Edit

An anomaly opened to a sea bay in the present and the MerQueen came through with her Mer Creatures and she killed a fisherman as he returned from fishing and later kidnapped a boy. When the anomaly research centre team went to deal with the incursion they tried to save the boy but a Mer Creature drowned him and then the team projected sound under the water and they returned through the anomaly to the future.


Their are several differences with the MerQueen from Episode 7.1 then what it is in Episode 2.4

  • The size is slightly exaggerated then what it is in her previous appearance.
  • The teeth are slightly smaller then what they were in her last appearance.