Scientific name Cameroceras
Home time period Ordivision
Creature type Orthoconic Cephalopod
Deaths caused Several Sea Scorpions

One Girl

Appearances Episode 6.2

 The Orthicode {Also known as Cameroceras} is a type of prehestoric squid.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.2Edit

A Orthicode came through an anomaly from the Ordivicion and kills several sea scorpions.

Later when Captain Becker and Danny Quinn went to investigate the Orthicode attacked Becker from behind but Danny attacks it with his gun and it flees back thorugh the anomaly.

Seconds later Danny sees a young girl swimming and also sees another orthicode but it grabs the girl before Danny can get to her and the creatures drowns her. Later  the Orthicode tries to attack Danny but he uses his Spear gun and blood appears.

Later Danny and Becker go down there agine and the Orthicode attacks Becker but he uses his pesticide aginst it and it flees back thorugh the anomaly in pain and it goes back thorugh the anomaly.