Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Cretaceous
Creature type Raptor
Deaths caused 2 unnamed Men
Appearances Episode 8.2

Oviraptor is a species of Raptor from Cretaceous Mongolia.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 8.2Edit

An anomaly opened up at the Shard,London and an Oviraptor came through and was quick to attack and man and eat him.

As soon as the A.R.C team arrived the creature attacks them and it causes them to discover an old enemy of there's Caroline Steel.And it later attacks a teacher and kills her and nearly kills three of her students and was knocked unconscious by a member of the A.R.C team.

It later wakes up and kills a waitress on a upper level and injuring Eve Lake but was caught in a trap set up by Caroline and broke it's leg in the process and it was later put back through the anomaly.