Led from Park,Present
Led to Future wasteland,Future
Who/what went through Several Future Predators
Emily Merchant
Matt Anderson
Abby Maitland
Connor Temple
Captian Becker
Danny Quinn
Kieran Coles
Appearances Episode 6.6

The Park - Future wasteland Anomaly is an anomaly that links a wasteland in the Future to a park in the Present.


An Anomaly opens up and a Mutated Future Predator comes through and as soon as the A.R.C team arrive it knocks Emily Merchant through the anomaly.

The team then later go through with several members keeping guard of the Anomaly.

Later when the team return through the Anomaly they are followed by some Future Predators but they are quickly killed as soon as they go through.


  • This is the first anomaly Kieran Coles,Anna Legg and Ryan Backer see and the first anomaly Kieran goes through.