Led from Holiday Camp site,Present
Led to Pleistocene Grassland,Pleistocene
Who/what went through One heard of Macrauchenia
Two Doedicurus
Appearances Episode 8.1

The Pleistocene Grassland - Holiday Site Cafe Anomaly is an Anomaly.It is the first Anomaly to appear in Series 8.


The Anomaly opened allowing a heard of Macrauchenia and Two Doedicurus through after they had became scared of a Unknown Creature their presence caused the People at the site to become scared.

The A.R.C team then arrived and three of it's members Captain Becker,Ryan Backer and Kieran Coles guarded the Anomaly and locked it.

The Anomaly then closed after a Doedicurus caused a Power Serge and the electric pulse caused the Anomaly to close.

The Anomaly later reopens allowing the Creatures back through the Anomaly then it closes.

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