Scientific name Scutosaurus Karpinskii
Home time period Late Permain Period
Creature type Anapsid Reptile
Deaths caused None
Appearances Episode 6.9

Scutosaurus is a species of Anapsid reptile from the Permian

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.9Edit

An anomaly opened up into the present and a pack of Scutosaurus come thorugh and one of them are attacked by a Gorgonopsid and it falls to the grownd in pain and the rest of the heard run of.

When the Anomaly research centre team arrive they find the Grogonopsid eating the Scutosaurus which is now dead.

Later the heard are attacked agine by the Grogonopsid. Then later a signle Scutosaurus leaves the heard only to be followed by the grogonopsid while the team get the rest of the heard back thorugh the anoamly. However the team manage to get the Scutosaurus back thorugh the anomaly later on.