The sea scorpion after coming through the anomaly
Scientific name Megalograptus
Home time period Ordovician era
Creature type Extinct Arthropod
Deaths caused None Known
Appearances Episode 6.2

Sea Scorpions are a extinct specsis of Arthropod 

In primevalEdit

Episode 6.2Edit

In the ordvicion a pack of Scorpions were attacked by an Orthicode and then an anoamly opens and they go thorugh and they are attacked agine. Later on Danny Quinn sees some swimming towrds the land and Connor Temple then sees some feamles lay eggs on the beach. Later on the beach the team use Pestercide to get the scorpions away and they leave to back to the ordivicion.

Trivia  Edit

The Sea Scorpion is the third specsis of scorpion to appear in the franchize after the Silurian Scorpions and Brontoscorpio.