An The Ordovician side of the anomalyUaThe Present day side of the Anomaly
Led from Seaside bay,Present
Led to Ordivician sea,Ordovician
Who/what went through Many Sea Scorpions
Two Orthicodes
Appearances Episode 6.2

The Seaside bay - Ordovician sea Anomaly is a Anomaly that links a Seaside bay in the Present to a stretch of Sea in the Ordovician Period.


After a pack of Sea Scorpions were attacked by a Orthicode the pack of Scorpions came through the anomaly.Another Orthicode came through offscreen.

Later the first Orthicode attacked Captain Becker but Danny Quinn used his Spear gun and it caused the creature to go back through the anomaly.

Later the Becker and Danny used Pesticide to get the Scorpions and the remaining Orthicode back through the Orthicode once again attacked Becker but Danny used the Pesticide and the Orthicode darted back through the anomaly in pain which closed seconds later.