Scientific name Diictodon Feliceps
Home time period Late Permian Period
Creature type Therapsid
Deaths caused None
Appearances See full list below

Sid and Nancy are a pair of Diictoodn that live in the Menagerie

In PrimevalEdit

Episodes 6.1 - 6.10Edit

Sid and Nancy were seen in the Menagerie with their Coelurosauravus friend Rex play fighting and eating and watched by Various A.R.C staff.

Episode 6.10Edit

After a pack of Camouflage Beasts attacked the A.R.Cs Menagerie Sid and Nancy along with Rex tried to escape but a Camo beast stopped them but before it could kill them Jenny Miller arrived and killed the beast and Connor Temple and Abby Maitland took them away and them were put into a cage {after before checked for injuries} until the Camo Beasts were dealt with.

Episode 7.1/7.2Edit

Sid and Nancy were seen eating along with Rex. And Dr. Elizabeth Carter took pictures of them the following day.

Episode 7.7Edit

After the death of Anna Legg Sid and Nancy along with Rex played around her body as the A.R.C team mourned her death.

Episode 8.1Edit

After their food was mixed up with another Menagerie creature Elizabeth Carter managed to cure them along with Rex after they were food poisoned.

Episode 8.2Edit

Sid and Nancy were briefly seen in their enclosure.

Episode 8.3Edit

Sid and Nancy were seen eating along with Rex.

Episode 8.9Edit

Along with all other Menagerie creatures Sid and Nancy were taken by The Firm.

Episode 8.10Edit

Professor Windsor injected a needle into Sid and Nancy.

Episode 8.11Edit

It was revealed that Windsor has injected a poison into Sid and Nancy but they were cured by Dylan Weir.

Episode 8.12 (Part 1)Edit

Sid and Nancy were seen in the background as Abby took Rex out of the Menagerie.

Episode 8.13 (Part 2)Edit

Abby greeted Rex,Sid and Nancy.