Scientific name Unknwown
Home time period Silurian Period
Creature type Arachnid
Deaths caused None Known
Appearances Episode 6.10
Episode 8.11
Episode 8.13 (Part 2) (Cameo)

 The Silurian Scorpions are a specsis of giants scorpions from the Silurian period.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.10Edit

After a pack of camouflage beasts attacked the A.R.C's menagerie Michael Miller and Darren Lake tried to get the Scorpion out but Darren accidently went thorugh the anoamly. Later Eve Lake, Emily Merchant and Anna Legg try to help but it gets even worse when Eve relises that her son Darren has gone thorugh the anoamly but however they manage to get the Scorpion out. And it was presumbly checked for injuries by Abby Maitland and then presumbly restrained until the Camo beasts were dealt with.

Episode 8.9Edit

The Silurian Scorpion was kidnapped by the Firm along with every other Menagerie creature.

Episode 8.11Edit

The Scorpion was saves by the A.R.C at first it was though that it was injected with Professor Windsor's poison but it was later discovered that it was not the case.

Episode 8.13 (Part 2)Edit

The Scorpion was seen in the Menagerie.


  • As with many other creatures in Episode 6.10 the size of the Silurian Scorpion is slightly exagerrated for unknown reasons.