Scientific name Unknown possibly Phorushacus
Home time period Early Pliocene - Early Pleistocene
Creature type Bird
Deaths caused One Camouflage Beast
Appearances Episode 6.10
Episode 8.11
Episode 8.13 (Part 2) (Cameo)

 The Terror Bird is a specsis of bird that had no wings.

In primevalEdit

Episode 6.10Edit

After a pack of Camoflarge beasts attacked the Menagerie one ripped open the Terror Bird's enclosuer and tries to attack it but killed it by pecking it to death. And James Lester and Jess Parker arrived to knock it out with their EMDs and it was taken to Abby Maitland to check for injuries and it was presumberly restrained until the Camo Beasts were dealt with.

Episode 8.9Edit

The Terror Bird was taken by The Firm as part of their revenge plan for the A.R.C.

Episode 8.11Edit

The Terror Bird was saved by the A.R.C.

Episode 8.13 (Part 2)Edit

The Terror Bird was seen in the Menagerie.


  • The Terror bird is the only creature to kill a Camouflarge beast in Episode 6.10