AnomThe Tesco shopping centre side of the anomalyArThe Eocene Forest side of the anomaly
Led from Eocene forest,Eocene period
Led to Tesco shopping centre,Present
Who/what went through Patrick Quinn/Ethan Dobroski
Danny Quinn
One Leptictidium family
Two Gastornis
Appearances Episode 6.1

Tesco shopping centre - Eocene forest anomaly is a anomaly that links a Tesco shopping centre to a Eocene forest.


After an anomaly opened up which linked a Tesco shopping centre to a Eocene Forest a Leptictidium family and the family was followed by a pair of Gastornis and the animals caused shock to everyone that was in the store later Patrick Quinn came thorough offscreen followed by his brother Danny.

Later the A.R.C team manage to set up a trap and the remaining members of the Leptictidium family go back through. The Gastornis pair are later put back through however one of the two had died had died due to falling of the buildings roof.