Scientific name Yutyrannus huali
Home time period Cretaceous
Creature type Carnivore Dinosaur
Deaths caused Two people
One Incinvosaurus
Appearances Episode 7.5

Yutyrannus is a species of carnivorous dinosaur from Cretaceous China.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 7.5Edit

An Anomaly opens up to a park and a Yutyrannus attacks and kills a pair and bring them through the anomaly.

Later when Abby Maitland was in China she ran into a pair of Yutyrannus.

Later on when the team go to find Abby Maitland they come across one of them and it kills an Incinvosaurus when it comes past. And one is later killed when it blocks their path when it trips over a vine and breaks it's neck.

Later when the team find Abby they go through the anomaly and an Yutyrannus come through with them and the anomaly closes and then Danny Quinn gets in a car and injures the creature however it trips over some rope breaks it's leg and falls into the river and drowns.